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What is Vital Organs.Net?

This is your one-stop informational repository about the human body and all the vital organs that keep it going.

What you will find here:

In these pages, you will find crucial information about the organs of the human body, with specific emphasis on the organs that are vital to life, such as the heart, or those organs that should they fail, result in significant alteration and impairment.  For each organ we will lay out in fine detail:

  • The structural features (anatomy).
  • The mechanisms by which it functions (physiology).
  • The processes by which it fails or ceases to function (pathophysiology/disease processes).
  • How to care for the organ.
  • Additional information.

Please note that while we strive by rigorous and thorough research to bring you accurate information, the contents of this website are not intended to substitute for medical advice from your physician.  We do not accept any liability that may arise from your use of any information found on VitalOrgans.Net.

Should you find any errors or omissions, please feel free to contact us and we will remedy them immediately or else provide our sources for your review.